Financial Case Study
Financial Client Case Study

A regional bank was searching for just the right promotional item for its sponsorship of the community 5K race event. Months following the race, the product is continued to be used by the race participants all over town promoting the banks brand and goodwill.
Bike Safety
Bike Safety Programs

A local Police department began a bike safety program in the community and wanted a bicycle safety product which tied to their theme. This product was the perfect fit for kids, teens, parents and even the serious biker which led to its success in the community.
Elementary Schools
Education - Elementary Schools

In order to prevent children from getting on the wrong bus, the school decided on a reflective safety item that was color coded. The children were instructed to match the colors which would make sure they arrived safely home which removed a stress and worry parents deal with.
Insurance - Events

A nationwide marketing program was being rolled out through various walk/runs and marathons across the country by an insurance company in order to leverage their sponsorship into brand equity. The results were so great, the product is now a staple promo item.
Health Care
Health Care

A children's hospital wanted to create a safety program for children but was also looking for corporate sponsorship to offset the cost. The hospital and sponsor made a significant impact within the community, increased brand awareness and decreased pedestrian injuries.
Non Profit Case Study
Non-Profit Case Study

A non-profit association wanted to effectively convey its message about preventing head injuries in children. They decided to incorporate the local police department. Once the promotion was mailed out donations soared and head injuries decreased.

Hospitality Case Study
Hospitality Case Study

A local pub/restaurant was looking for a unique giveaway to promote the opening of their new outdoor seating and recreation area. Wanting to ring the city with multiple locations and developing a household brand name locally, what happened next spread like wildfire.